Relaxer Update #1 - 2014

Hello and Welcome to 2014. I decided to spend my 1st day of the year giving myself a touch up. I figured the best way to keep track of when I relaxed is to relaxed on the first day of the year. How easy is that to remember. 2014 I plan on only relaxing my hair 3 times this year. Hence the number in the post. As far as relaxer goes, I went back to box relaxer this relaxer and I think I found a relaxer to keep. I loved this box relaxer by Softsheen Carson, Optimum Salon HairCare, it did not leave my hair with that coating feeling I had been getting on most box relaxers and I didn't get the insane burning feeling that I would get with a lye relaxer. So as of now this is my go to relaxer. 

This relaxer I relaxed my hair in 5 sections, instead of  the normally four because I get a lot of overlapping. The whole relaxer process took about 20mins, 15 mins of apply 5 mins of smoothing. I then proceeded to rinse out the relaxer and apply the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment before neutralizing then applied the aphogee again following up with the moisturizer, then deep condition with Proclaim Argan oil hair, mask. Then I just rinsed out and let my hair air dry and through it into a bun. 


  1. Sound like you had a very smooth relaxing process :)