Priteva Hair Vitamins

About a month ago I received an email from a company Priteva about trying and reviewing their hair vitamins. At first I was pretty hesitate about saying yes because of my experience last time when I decided to take pills as a growth aid. But after doing some research on the company and asking some questions. I decided to give it a try. I really enjoyed the results of  my sulfur mix growth aid and figure maybe I will see some growth and change in health with the Priteva Hair Vitamins.

Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula provides a rich, healthy source of nourishment to help your hair reach its maximum growth potential. This unique formula nourishes hair and scalp for optimal growth and retention. Each capsule of Priteva provides:
  • Vital nutrition for Longer, stronger, healthier hair.
  • Helps Promote longer, and faster hair growth
  • Visible Results in 30 days
  • Fortified With Organic Herbs, Aloe Vera,  natural DHT Blockers and vital nutrition for healthy growth. " 
The plan is to take these one pill everyday, even though it says to take two a day. I'm a pretty healthy eater so I do not want to give my body to much of the ingredients that are on back of the label and throw my body into overdrive. 

What I expect: I'm not necessary looking for faster growth, but the promises of healthy hair. Even though growth would be a plus. Now I'm saying I'm going to take these pills everyday but the moment I experience extra hair growth in other areas ( I have a huge fear of hair vitamins giving me a mustache) or start to break out I will have to end it. I'm sorry but I barely breakout so I do not want to start now. 

1 month supply is: $21.00
2 month supply is: $42.00
Check out the website for more info on month supplies
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  1. I have heard that iron can also be very good for hair, is that true?

  2. Hi, How did your hair do with the Priteva?

    1. My hair like it, but so did ever bit of hair on my body. So I had to stop taking them even with drinking a lot of water.